Meet Superfood Chef & Bestselling author Julie Morris

Julie Morris is a Los Angeles-based natural foods chef and superfood expert, regular on-camera personality, and author of five cookbooks, including the New York Times bestseller Superfood Smoothies (now translated into ten languages). A pioneer in cooking with superfoods, Julie is known for her approachable style and creative, stunning recipes that showcase how to use nature’s most amazing foods – from cacao to goji berries to kale to maca root. Having worked in the natural food industry for over a decade, she currently enjoys her time as a sought-after recipe developer and consultant for leading food companies and cutting-edge restaurants, and is a frequent magazine contributor featured in Wall Street Journal, GQ, Vegetarian Times, Oprah, and many more.

Julie’s health journey started as 20-year old, while she looking to energize and heal from a debilitating experience with chronic fatigue syndrome. Superfoods quickly became the effective and dynamic answer, and impassioned her to help others enjoy the simple secrets behind renewed wellness, too. Ever since, Julie has spoken around the world as an ambassador within the plant-based cooking movement, with a singular mission motivating her: to help make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle both easy to achieve and delicious to follow.

Connect with Julie on Facebook @superfoodcuisine, Instagram @superfoodjules, and Twitter @greenjules. Visit for additional recipes and inspiration.


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