8 Simple Tricks for Eating Healthy on the Road

Travel photographer Elisabeth Brentano

We chatted with the talented travel photographer, Elisabeth Brentano, on how she remains healthy and energized for those big outdoor adventures. Find her helpful tips to incorporate in your next travel plans.

  • Hydrate – Before we get into food, let’s start with the first thing we should be putting in our mouths: Water. 64 ounces is the recommended amount for most people, but that only prevents chronic dehydration. And get this — most people aren’t even meeting this daily quota! Depending on your activity level, odds are you need to be adding an extra couple of glasses to that amount. You may be taking more bathroom breaks on the highway, but don’t worry about that — you’re doing your body a huge favor by keeping up with your water intake.
  • Get a boost – Whether I’m camping in the middle of nowhere or driving through towns where fast food seems to be the only option, I love that I can drop an Amazing Grass organic superfood packet in my water bottle and get the boost of whole greens my body so desperately craves. The packets are tiny, flat, and perfect for travel, and I can easily cram a week’s supply in a waist belt pocket on my backpacking bag. The mixes taste amazing (my personal favorite is the Green Superfood Energy Watermelon), and it’s a lot easier than trying to keep a pressed juice from spoiling in my cooler.  On that note…

  • Grab a cooler – If you’re a serial road-tripper like me, investing in a quality cooler is something you won’t regret. When I re-up my food supply on adventures, I look for blueberries, carrots, hummus, salads, and smoothies. If I’m keeping an eye on the ice, these items can easily stay fresh for 4-5 days. With these things in the back of your car, you have no reason to roll through a fast-food drive-through.
  • Make a list and plan – Making a list of what I need (and have) is very helpful when it comes to planning meals on trips. For example, four Organic Superfood bars, a large bag of trail mix, and two small bags of jerky amount to a week’s worth of snacks. Not only does the list help minimize the amount of food that gets wasted, but it helps me see when I need to re-stock my cooler and/or look for a place to grab a healthy bite. Before I leave (and inevitably lose cell service), I try to lookup local spots that might have healthy fare, and this has saved me a number of times.

  • Find a local produce market – This isn’t always an option, but when it is, take full advantage of it! Local produce is fresh, cheap, and usually on the way to being perfectly ripe. If I have the option of buying apples and clementines at a fruit stand or farmer’s market, that prevents me from making unnecessary food stops that might tempt me to consume less healthy snacks.
  • Snacks are your friend – Speaking of snacks, did you know that consuming small meals is better for your metabolism? A ripe orange gives you a big boost of vitamin C, and if your body is craving protein and something sweet, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Superfood bar does the trick. Or if you’ve done your research, find a place to grab a simple smoothie and add a packet of berry Raw Reserve to the mix for a big boost of probiotics.
  • Portion Control – I was going to lump this in with snacks, but it really should have its own category. Just because you have a massive plate of food doesn’t mean you need to eat it all. If you’re at a new restaurant, ask how big the portions are before you order, and if you have a fridge or solid cooler setup, always take some home in a doggy bag. You can always order more food — or eat it later. Which leads me to my final point…

  • Discipline – This one is the hardest, especially if eating out is your only option. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of trying new things when you travel and let’s be honest: Most of those dishes aren’t salads. Before you whine about how many carbs you’re consuming, back up and try to remember what else might have been on the menu. You know, the grilled chicken and steamed veggies you skipped over when you ordered a burger and french fries. You’re not in trouble for giving in to comfort food, but do try to be aware of healthy options too. And if all else fails, just know that you can recover with an Organic Protein Superfood drink. It may not look as fancy as the photo above when you pour it in your battered Nalgene, but your body doesn’t know the difference. It’ll be our little secret…