Moringa: The Buzzy Adaptogen Everyone’s Talking About

Our new Organic Smoothie Boosters make it easy to incorporate nourishing ingredients into your daily routine to help support all your nutritional needs. Whether it’s nourishing your body with Nutritious Powders like Kale Booster, Supergreens Booster that include spirulina and moringa or Grass & Shrooms that combines 6 mushrooms, each powder is the ultimate boost to your daily routine. Or build collagen, boost energy levels or support cognition, our Functional Boosters help address specific wellness needs.

One of our favorite adaptogens found in Organic Supergreens Powder is moringa – the buzzy adaptogen everyone’s talking about. But Why?

The moringa plant has been used for its beneficial properties for thousands of years. Among its many benefits, moringa has been shown to provide high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, balance hormones, improve digestive health, and protects and nourishes the skin. [1]

Moringa also helps relieve fatigue from its high concentration of iron and magnesium, plus Vitamin A which increases the absorption of these minerals. Boosting an ORAC value of 157,000³, it has 6x the antioxidants of goji berries [2]. Antioxidants are essential in helping our bodies fight off free radical damage from our environment. By protecting our bodies this way, we can help reduce and even reverse signs of aging and also fight off disease.

Moringa aids in digestion due to its calcium content, which supports the function of digestive enzymes. The natural fiber content in Moringa also helps support the digestive system.

Add Moringa to your day through our Organic Superfood Powder. Simply add one tsp to a smoothie for an easy way to incorporate this adaptogen.

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