Which Plant Protein Are You?

Your Plant Protein Guide

Not sure where to start when it comes to our proteins? Shop our plant protein-lover’s guide & stir up your new daily routine. Choose from our 4 protein favorites below based on your personal needs.


If You Want a “One-Stop-Shop” to All Things Nutrition

👉🏼 Use Organic Plant Protein Blend

💚 20g of Plant-Based Protein⁠
💚 7 Nutritional Greens⁠
💚 2 full servings of fruits & veggies
⁠💚 All-In-One Nutrition Shake⁠



Protein & KaleIf Your New Year’s Resolution is to “Eat More Greens”⁠

👉🏼 Use Protein & Kale

⁠🥬 20g of Plant-Based Protein⁠
⁠🥬 1 Full Cup of Dark Leafy Greens⁠
⁠🥬 Contains Kale, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa⁠
🥬 No Stevia⁠



If Good Hair and Skin Days Make You Happy⁠

👉🏼 Use Amazing Protein Glow

💅🏼 15g protein
💅🏼 Organic greens
💅🏼 B & C Vitamins
💅🏼 100% DV Biotin
💅🏼 Supports Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails



Amazing Protein DigestIf Gut Health Is At The Top of Your Mind⁠

👉🏼 Use Amazing Protein Digest

💩 15g protein⁠
💩 Prebiotic kiwi⁠⁠
💩 5 billion CFU probiotics
⁠💩 3g fiber⁠
💩 Manages Bloat and Supports Digestion⁠




Your Greens Guide

How to Choose the Right Greens For You

Greens supplements are a convenient, hassle-free way to get more nutritious superfoods into your diet. However, choosing the right type of Greens product for you depends on your health goals, lifestyle and daily habits.

Stir up your new daily routine with either our Greens Blend, Fizzy Green Tablets and Smoothie Boosters. Check out our greens guide below.

Greens BlendIf Being Consistent with Your Health is Important to You

👉🏼 Use Greens Blend

• 1+ full servings of greens, fruits & veggies
• Supports immunity and overall health
• Aids natural digestive function
⁠• Available in 11 delicious flavors and functions



Fizzy Green TabletsIf You Live an Active, On-The-Go Lifestyle

👉🏼 Use Fizzy Green Tablets

⁠• 1 full serving of greens and veggies
⁠• 30 antioxidant superfoods
⁠• Delicious & convenient fizzing tablets
Available in 9 flavors and functions



BoostersIf You’re a “Smoothie-A-Day” Type of Person

👉🏼 Use Organic Smoothie Boosters

Added nutrition to your daily smoothie
Organic greens, superfoods and revitalizing botanicals
Specific functional support such as Collagen, Energy & Brain
Available in 7 varieties and functions