Spiced Iced Mocha Recipe

Makes 2 cups / 1 serving

This is no ordinary mocha! Infused with the intoxicating flavors of vanilla, cinnamon and pepper, this silky coffee drink offers more than just dreamy flavor – it provides a satisfying protein boost at the same time.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving: 160 Calories • 23g Protein • 9g Carbs • 3g Fat


Holiday & Healthin’ Superfood Hot Coco Recipe

So you decorated the house in snowflakes and perhaps some twinkle lights, but is it even the holidays without hot chocolate? We think not. But you know us, and of course we’re spiking this holiday favorite with a scoop of our Greens Blend Superfood Chocolate. With nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits + veggies and & probiotics, this is the best, go-to holiday & healthin’ superfood hot coco recipe out there.



Chocolate Protein-Packed Pumpkin Pie Recipe by Julie Morris

Makes 1 pie

Introducing the best pumpkin pie recipe yet…chocolate protein-packed pumpkin pie recipe by Julie Morris.

As a card-carrying member of the pumpkin pie fan club, the challenge is real: how can you create an even better pumpkin pie? For this, I have two words: Chocolate Protein. While I use Amazing Grass Organic Plant Protein Blend powder almost daily in my smoothies, their new Rich Chocolate flavor is too delicious to be destined solely to the blender. Adding it to pumpkin pie makes each bite turn into a hybrid of classic pumpkin and chocolate mousse – in other words, totally irresistible. Plus, the fact that suddenly you have a fully natural pie made without refined sugar, no difficult to digest dairy, and instead packed with an additional 20 grams of plant-based protein and 2 full servings of vegetables (thanks to our Amazing Grass addition which includes power-greens like wheatgrass and spirulina!) … and you seriously have one award-winning kind of dessert.

And, let’s not forget, all foodie-enjoyment aside, you still have one additional reward yet to savor. The next time someone asks you where you get your protein, you can look them straight in the eye and officially answer: PIE.”


This Chocolate Protein-Packed Pumpkin Pie Recipe was written & created in thanks to Amazing Grass Ambassador Julie Morris – a Los Angeles-based natural foods chef, on-camera personality, and New York Times best-selling cookbook author. 


Cozy Mediterranean Detoxifying Soup Recipe Packed With Superfoods

During the fall, everyone is looking for cozy recipes but you don’t want to skip out on your greens and veggies. Greens doesn’t have to mean salad though. Look no further than our cozy Mediterranean detoxifying soup recipe packed with superfoods and antioxidants. This veggie soup is chock full of nutrients from whole-food ingredients with a boost of our Detox & Digest greens to help with gentle detoxification and aid digestion.



Berry Creamy Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Fall time is as good as any a time to get your smoothie on. Delicious as they are functional, blending together your favorite superfoods in a smoothie is a simple way to pack in the nutrients. So keep the common cold and flu away with our Berry Creamy Superfood Smoothie Recipe. And with a scoop of our Greens Blend Superfood Berry, you’re getting a whopping 2 full servings of fruits and veggies!




Rich Chocolate Protein Brownies

We officially did it. We made brownies healthy! By using monkfruit which subs 1:1 for regular sugar in recipes, we’ve eliminated nearly all the sugar in this recipe. With the addition of our Organic Plant Protein Blend Rich Chocolate, these brownies are also packed with nutrients and plant-based protein!



Chocolate Peppermint Mud Pie With Gummy Worms Recipe

Love this Halloween staple but find it lacking in the nutrient department? Say no more because with our Chocolate Peppermint Mud Pie With Gummy Worms Recipe, you’ll get that nutrient boost you’re looking for. With our delicious and nutrient-dense Kidz Superfood Chocolate, this classic treat can be enjoyed guilt-free by the whole family! Kid friendly & mom-approved.



Watermelon Superfood Slushie

Energy, superfoods and watermelon… the perfect recipe for summer! And to boot, our Energizing Watermelon Superfood Slushie Recipe only contains three ingredients. Yep, just three! These icy treats will be sure to satisfy all of your warm-weather cravings, and provide a kick of natural energy from Yerba Mate and Matcha Green Tea.



Lemon Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce Recipe

By Superfood Chef Julie Morris

This no-bake, oil-free, and reduced-guilt cheesecake becomes extra festive (Americana-style) by sprinkling blue spirulina powder into the cheesecake while blending for a red, white, and blue theme.  You can also serve this recipe for any occasion by simply omitting the spirulina for a classic white cheesecake.