Caitlin Shoemaker of FromMyBowl guest blogs and shares with us her 5 ways to prevent illness during the winter season.

In my opinion, the only thing worse than getting sick…is getting sick when it’s cold out. Although some Fall and Winter colds seem to be almost inevitable, I still do everything in my power to stay healthy and fight off germs. Here are my 5 favorite (and easy) ways to prevent a cold in your daily life:

1. Drink Water – and lots of it!
You are what you eat…but considering our bodies are up to 60% water, you are what you drink too! Studies show that is does depend on the individual, but we should all be aiming for at least 2 liters per day. Considering Water is essentially free, it’s probably the easiest and most affordable way to bolster up your immunity!

Not a fan of plain water? I like to spice things up by adding citrus, cucumber, or an Amazing Grass Effervescent to it. If you’d rather drink it warm, try brewing a large pot of herbal tea instead!

2. Eat More Plants
The more fruits and veggies I eat, the better I always feel – regardless of the season. I especially think greens are important – I try to eat at least one large serving of raw cooked leafy greens per day. Sometimes eating greens can be a challenge though, especially with travel (or pizza cravings). That’s why I love all of the Amazing Grass Green-Infused Products! Whether I drink a fizzy Effervescent, use some Plant-Based Protein, or simply mix some flavored Greens Powder with water (Pumpkin Spice = AMAZING right now), I know I’m getting in those healthy veggies.


3. Get Your Beauty Sleep
It’s easy to skip a few hours when you’re having fun with friends or are working on a project, but sleep is so important to ANY healthy body! Every person thrives on a different level of sleep based on age and other lifestyle factors, but generally you should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
Also, don’t think you can just make up for your late weeknights by sleeping in on the weekends. That can actually mess with your circadian rhythm!

4. Stay Warm
Not just because big sweaters and fuzzy socks are cozy and cute, but also because keeping warm can boost your immune system response. So grab a fluffy blanket, grab a warm cup of tea (or a PSL), and cozy up on the couch!

5. Keep Moving
Find and establish a form of exercise that you personally enjoy and are motivated to do. Running or walking outdoors is great, but if you’re not a fan of bundling up in the colder months, try joining a gym or yoga studio, taking some spin classes, or finding some online workout videos you can do in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you do, keep moving! Moderate exercise can increase your immunity — and you get that post-workout endorphin rush, too.

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