Looking for a cool summer treat to make you feel like you’re at the spa? Making this Fruit-Infused Ice Cube Chunks Recipe at home is a great way to chill out, relax and enjoy a guilt-free treat! Ideally for this recipe you will want to get a larger than normal ice tray. It will be easier to make the cubes if they’re a bit larger. Amazon and other retailers sell ice trays to make larger, square cubes.



The ingredients are flexible, so feel free to experiment! Here are some combinations we love:

  • Watermelon + mint
  • Lemon
  • Mint + Cucumber
  • Mixed Berry


  • You will need about 1 cup total of fruits and veggies.
  • Gently place the ingredients into the ice tray and carefully fill with water.
  • Freeze overnight and enjoy with a fresh glass of water on a hot day!


Want to up your nutrition even further? Add some of our Amazing Grass to your ice cubes!