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Adding more whole food nutrition to your diet
is as simple as a scoop, stir, & sip.

At Amazing Grass...

We obsess over crafting the highest quality, plant-based products that provide your body with the whole-food nutrition it needs and flavors your taste buds will love – all in convenient forms that are simple to enjoy. Beyond our products, we aspire to give you the tools, resources and inspiration to help you feel amazing every day.

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Greens Blend

An easy and delicious way to add more greens, fruits, & veggies to your daily routine. Packed with organic greens, wholesome fruits and vegetables, plus nutrient-dense superfoods, Greens Blend is a convenient way to get the whole food nutrition your body needs in a delicious powder that’s simple to enjoy. Simply add one scoop to 8-12 fl oz water or juice, boost your favorite smoothie or even bake into tasty recipes as a convenient way to help maintain overall health and wellness.

Vitamins C and K + 2 servings of fruits and veggies + nutritious greens

Organic Plant
Protein Blend

Premium All-in-One nutrition shake. This organic, all-in-one nutrition shake is a convenient way to get the nutrition your body needs with an amazing taste and creamy texture your taste buds will love. Each delicious scoop provides 20g plant-based protein, 7 nutritious greens, 2 cups of wholesome fruits & veggies, and an excellent source of immune supporting vitamins to support muscle recovery, satisfy hunger and provide nourishing energy.

20g complete protein; 7 nutritious greens; 2 cups fruits and veggies; vitamins c, d, & iron