Our Purpose: Make our world simply amazing.

Our brand is a reflection of the people who work here. We believe that small changes over time can make a big difference and, most importantly, that change starts from within. Our mission is to take actions that will make a positive impact in our company, our communities, and our world

Working together to fight malnutrition

Since 1994, Vitamin Angels has been fighting for a world where every mother has a healthy pregnancy, and every child gets a chance at a healthy life. They provide at-risk populations in need with Vitamin A, prenatal vitamins and minerals, and nutritional counseling and support programs.

Amazing Grass has partnered with Vitamin Angels to provide pregnant women and young children with life-changing vitamins and minerals. From January 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021, Amazing Grass will donate $1 to Vitamin Angels for each item sold.*

Vitamin A

Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) occurs when intake of vitamin A-rich foods is insufficient to meet the body’s needs. VAD is prevalent among the poor whose diets are based mainly on rice or other carbohydrate-rich foods. For infants and young children whose minds and bodies are rapidly growing and developing, vitamin A is essential.

Vitamin A can help reduce the mortality rate for children under the age of five, by 24%. Vitamin A is a cost effective and proven way to reduce illness, blindness, and preventable death.

Prenatal Multivitamins

Pregnant women have an increased need for vitamins and minerals throughout pregnancy. Poor nutrition during pregnancy negatively affects not only the health of the mother, but adversely impacts fetal development, birth outcomes, and perpetuates a cycle of poor nutrition for generations to come.

In the United States, a significant number of pregnant women do not meet the basic requirements for the many vitamins and minerals they need through the foods they eat alone.

Nutritional Counseling & Support

The families that Vitamin Angels serve face extreme challenges and limited resources, but a lack of education should never be a barrier to good health.

In collaboration with program partners, supplemental education on the basics of nutrition and its importance are provided.