No Farms No Food

Did you Know?
Over 175 acres of U.S. farm & ranch land
is lost every hour to development.

Farm Family Roots

Our history with U.S. farmland goes back over 3 generations to our co-founder, Brandon Bert, family farm in Kansas. To this day we source 100% of our cereal grasses from the Bert family farm and is why helping preserve and protect U.S. family farms and farmlands is so important to us. 

We’ve partnered with the American Farmland Trust to help raise awareness and contribute funds to help protect these disappearing lands and way of life. Learn more on the issues facing our country’s farms and how you can help.

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Every meal on our plates...

Contains ingredients grown on a farm. We all need farms to survive. Aside from energy from the sun, what else do we need in order to have food for ourselves and our families?

We need land to grow the food, healthy soils to nourish the crops and livestock, clean water on farms, and farmers to make it all happen.

But the land, soil, water and people we need to grow our food are at risk.

175 acres of farm & ranch land

... are lost every hour in the U.S. to sprawl and development.

1.7 billion tons of topsoil

... vanish to erosion each year in the U.S. — enough to fill 1,200 Empire State buildings.

2/3 of coastal waterways

... are degraded and need improved farm practices to keep them clean.

57% of America's farmers

... are 55 or older and likely to retire in the next two decades.

Amazing Grass is donating
to help save U.S. family farms.
Join us in this movement!

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