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Wake up and smell the watermelon. Watermelon Green SuperFood is a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits, veggies and cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics. We added a new great taste and 85 mg of plant-based caffeine to our Amazing Grass Green Food Blend for an added kick of energy.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS | Support overall health and immunity*
  • DIGESTION | Aids natural digestive function*
  • ALKALINITY | Naturally Balances and increases alkalinity*
  • ENERGY | Naturally Charged
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Pineapple Lemongrass with Multivitamin Boost
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Pumpkin Spice
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Wake up and smell the watermelon. Watermelon Green SuperFood is a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient-packed fruits, veggies and cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics. We added a new great taste and 85 mg of plant-based caffeine to our Amazing Grass Green Food Blend for an added kick of energy.

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Flavor Energy Watermelon

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information


Our Amazing Grass® Green Food Blend includes a proprietary combination of organic, non-GMO wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli.

Every serving is chock full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals you and your loved ones need to start—and finish—the day feeling healthy. To give an added kick to your day, we’ve added a new great taste and an invigorating 85 mg of plant-based caffeine from yerba mate and matcha green tea.

Suggested Use
Mix one serving with 8 or more oz. of water, juice, or mixed into your favorite smoothie! Scoop, stir, smile! Amazing Grass is committed to improving our customer’s lives with our offering of premium organic whole food nutrition products as Mother Nature intended. If you have any questions, allergies or concerns; before consuming any of our products we recommend consulting your healthcare professional or a registered dietitian.
Featured recipes

Featured Recipes

Watermelon and Lime Popsicles


  • 1/4 of an Organic Seedless Watermelon
  • Juice from 2 Limes
  • 1/2 Cup Organic Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 scoop  Energy Watermelon Green SuperFood


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor until smooth
  2. Pour evenly into the popsicle molds
  3. Place wooden sticks into the top of the mixture
  4. Freeze for 6-8 hours
  5. Run molds under warm water (not hot) water to loosen and remove from the molds
  6. Enjoy


Author of the blog Happy Healthy Heart, Melissa Ann Haithcock offers personal training and nutritional services and shares her love of cooking through delish, healthy recipes.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

CP September 19, 2017
A Skeptic Converted I'm very skeptical of products that promise the claims made here. I've tried numerous health supplements because I was continuously exhausted, but was disappointed with everything I tried. At one point during my master's, I was downing 6-8 cups of coffee a day to stay alert. A friend recommended Green Superfood- Energy in Watermelon and again I was skeptical, but gave it a shot.

I'm not going to someone not used to powdered supplements I wasn't impressed drinking 8 oz of cold water with 1 scoop. But lo and behold the key was to drink it with orange juice (blends quicker pulp free). I'm HOOKED. It tastes incredible and really WORKS. I'll have a scoop in the morning and maybe 1 cup of coffee in the afternoon.

I feel better and truly have more energy. I'm not the best about eating my veggies so I like the green food blend. I'm looking forward to exploring other products by this brand!
Jason September 1, 2017
Goodbye coffee Dropped coffee with this product . Gives better alertness without jittery coffee buzz
Taste :it will not taste like soda.. it is the best tasting green drink imo. Truth is it has a 1987 Topps baseball card wax pack bubble gum like flavor (bland , weak bubble gum).. not watermelon. It works though.. way better than swamp water that is out there. My wife is not vegetable eater and has a picky taste and drinks it every day! We use blender bottles with 1/2 ice.. refreshing.

Mjl August 31, 2017
Outstanding This product is amazing. I have lost 25 lbs . I. Used the product for 3 months. I have so much ENERGY. I wake up feeling ready to go. I buy this at a local market weekly. I DON'T run out. I love it
Tasa August 28, 2017
Great It really works!!! I feel great and a burst of energy after drinking
Jess August 22, 2017
Awesome Alternative to Coffee! I'm a college student who recently cut out coffee. I started drinking this in the morning (in addition to one of two Amazing Grass detox Superfoods in the afternoon), and it seriously gives me a boost! I'll be honest - of all the flavors I've tried from AG, this is by far my favorite; I've struggled a little bit to like some of the others, but I've felt so much better since making them a part of my routine. Another big thing it does for me is minimize my snacking and cravings. I would recommend!
Shana August 22, 2017
I love this product!! I love all of the Amazing grass products but the Watermelon and Lime energy line is my favorite. I don't need coffee in the mornings any more I just use one scoop with water and i'm good to go for the day. No crash just clean, healthy energy I can really feel. Thank you Amazing grass for making such an awesome product!!
Shell July 14, 2017
Amazing!!! I love the Watermelon flavor and the energy it provides. I don't have extra time in my day to make a lot of my smoothies from scratch so this is my go to product. I have the jar and the handy to go packets. I'll drink this twice a day and it's perfect for me. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful flavor!
TK July 13, 2017
hooked! I really like the Superfoods and Sweet and savory bars. Use both watermelon and lemon lime. The energy and taste are great. Not crazy about the pineapple lemongrass.

One improvement could be the packaging. I can't grab the scoop with touching the material. How can we get an easier way to use the scoop?

Sara June 25, 2017
Excellent Love Love Love it. Taste is amazing for a green food . Need bigger container's to keep up.
Cobvip June 13, 2017
Excellent Product I love this product! I use the watermelon flavor for energy and I mix it with apple cider or apple juice in a small drink mixer used at restaurant bars. It makes the perfect shot in the morning and gives me the energy I need for the day:)
Mwitty June 5, 2017
Delicious I mixed this in my nutribullet with 8 oz of Diet V8 Splash and it was delicious!I will be buying more!
Bobby90 April 6, 2017
Good Natural Energy Overall good product it really dose give you a good amount of energy. Smells great and mixes really well. Adding some ice cubes to it when u shake it up makes it even better. Only down side I would have to say I wish it would taste a little more like the watermelon taste it advertises on the container like I said it has a great watermelon scent but just wish it would have more of that taste of it too. Would recommend this product to others.
JJNOVO March 8, 2017
$50 thrown away. It tastes really awful. My husband and I really tried to like this product, but it is impossible. This product tastes awful! Never tried something so awful like this. It was literally $50 thrown away. I am so regretful for buying this. All my family and friends tried a little bit of this product, and I am sure that no one won't buy this again.
Grass Addict! February 21, 2017
Too Sweet I love the energy blends but this one smelled to sweet for me. It reminds me of Jolly Ranchers and I have a serious aversion to sugar and sweets. So the sweet scent I could not handle and gave this to another grass fan. Of course the product is amazing just personally could not handle the scent.
mitt February 19, 2017
Top Shelf I would recomend Amazing Grass to any aging person needing to invigorate their body's well being.
Redstep February 8, 2017
Delicious I love this stuff, I buy it in the small packages throw it in a bottle water and go.
Ericb January 27, 2017
Excellent This is really a very good energizer. It is not too overpowering but it is certainly enough to help you get through a tough workout. There are a few good energizers that I take and this one is part of my rotation. I would suggest that you give it a try.
V January 5, 2017
Good stuff I have tried all brands of protein shakes and energy drinks. This is the best...ever! The first few days it dies clean yiouout a bit. Then when you get use to it you feel great and then less digestive issues. I was always feeling bloated.....has helped!
Glam'ma September 10, 2016
Fabulous Instant energy and well-being after consumption of 1 scoop in cool water. Tastes great too! Slightly gritty I suppose, but doesn't bother me at all. This is one of my all time favorite, most effective supplements. It really helps with fatigue, mental alertness, and overall well-being!
CDNSILK September 10, 2016
Greens I bought this as to try out another companies Greens.. Love the flavor..I know I have been looking for a quality green.. from how it is grown and harvested. I have noticed energy levels but still just started using this. I'm hoping this changes my cravings and skin. I was hoping that the power would be finer.
AVZ August 10, 2016
Yuck I found this flavor to be waaaaaaaaaay too sweet. I was expecting a hint of watermelon flavor like the lemon lime one (which I love) but this is not the case. I've tried to gulp it down, but just end up cringing. Waste of money - very disappointing.
Creolebeauty78 June 21, 2016
Best Purchase Ever!!! So, I was super excited about the watermelon flavor, but I was also hesitant because some plant based items can be very gritty. I love this drink! I have found that if I mix it room temp water it mixes really thoroughly. I noticed an increase in energy immediately. Best purchase ever.
Jen K. June 8, 2016
Refreshing I drink a serving of this about an hour before I workout to give me an extra energy-boost. Flavor is a light watermelon flavor (no aftertaste, no 'chemical' taste as with some energy drinks) No texture issue for me at all and I appreciate that none of the products that I've tried from this site have the artificial sweetener (or the icky super-sweet taste) so prevalent in health products. I drink mine with 8 oz of super cold water. Excellent.
Sonoma Girl May 20, 2016
Love the taste This is my favorite flavor of this product. Because of this, at first I'd drink a few of these a day. I don't like the taste of plain water, so adding a packet of Watermelon flavored Amazing Grass was just a fun way to stay hydrated. But be warned- it will hype you up if you do that! I learned that pretty quickly. One night I couldn't sleep - and I figured it out; it was the Grass! Now I make sure to drink only one of these a day and in the morning. Fun stuff. Great tasting.
Carrie Carlin April 18, 2016
YAAAAS. Finally! Finally a product that is worthy of 5 stars within the health industry. I have been trying to find the best option out there for energy, cleansing and "green." This product is amazing and contains so many health benefits for our little bodies. I highly recommend this power-drink!
domross March 24, 2016
love this stuff! I have been using Amazing Grass products for years now and I cant say enough about them. I feel better all the way around. Having been a person who worked nights and drank a lot of coffee before work, I was able to replace my coffee intake on a daily basis thanks to the Watermelon Energy drink. I now only drink one cup of coffee per day and its in the morning. Its great for your skin, your intestinal tract and overall well being. I've also read that there have been studies done that suggest that some cancers cannot survive in a perfectly alkaline body. Yes please!!
Walt February 24, 2016
Ebergy & Focus I don't drink coffee and have wanted a natural healthier option to use every morning. My kids purchased a juicer for me last Christmas and I was already using Green Superfood Barley Grass and Wheat Grass as an additive to my juices each morning. I started using this and have been alert, energized and so much more focused at work each day! Just purchased my second container.
Jenny February 15, 2016
My favorite flavor! I've tried many favors and this one is by far my favorite!
GREENQUEEN;) November 21, 2015
Mean Green Energy! Once I found this amazing grass I was hesitant. After just two mornings of adding to my smoothies, I had vibrant energy that last though out the crashing! I've not only noticed more energy, but my skin looks amazing, and my food craving have subsided immensely. I have made this apart of my life style for the past year, and plan to continue.
RDKSF November 12, 2015
Changed my morning routine I got this for the flavor and my morning to avoid coffee or Mate Tea. I have incorporated this into my morning routine and I have not regretted it. I have so much energy my brain just seems to be more alert. I have recommended it to friends and family.
Tina@laddertohappiness October 18, 2015
Watermelon Energy! I absolutely love this, I even have to get it shipped over to New Zealand from America as I cannot get it here. Since drinking this, I have felt so much more energised, and my skin looks healthier too. I tried it mixed with all sorts and found it best in fresh orange juice, it combats the sweetness of the flavour a bit, its much more palatable and refreshing.
GreenLover September 28, 2015
Love the greens but not the flavor. This one is my least favorite flavor. It just taste so fake and does not mix well with juice or other flavors. It will still give the nutrients you want but I only bought this flavor once and never again.
AZ Katie August 19, 2015
Drink this EVERY Morning Ever since starting nursing school 8 months ago I have been on the hunt for the healthiest caffeinated drink. I have never liked coffee and tea isn't strong enough. I used Advocare's 'Spark' energy drinks. They tasted great, but still lacked the health benefits I was wanting as a morning drink. Then, last Monday, I was at my local Sprouts and saw a display of these 'Green' drinks. I noticed the watermelon flavor (which is my favorite fruit flavor) and the price per volume was great compared to other energy drinks. Since I know I can return any item at Sprouts if I don't like it I thought, "Hey, I can't lose". The next morning I opened the container. Ugh. The dark green powder, and the grassy smell, did not make me optimistic. I mixed one scoop with 8oz of water and gave it a stir. I took my first sip with hesitancy and... WOW! This is ACTUALLY good! Like, GOOD. Was slightly sweet, but not over powering (Stevia is used). There is legit dehydrated watermelon in there, so it did taste like watermelon. I LOVE knowing that I'm getting greens AND probiotics. ** Main Note: this drink is amazing. It gives me the energy I need in the morning, and has awesome health benifits** I will buy this as long as it is being sold
jayhawk691 July 31, 2015
Watermelon gives you energy This product gives you great energy without the huge caffinated body shake. I highly recoomend it for your daily crashes.
Alicia July 20, 2015
Watermelon energy I just love to wake up and drink my watermelon enery, it gives me the boost to go to the gym!
Great taste and no need of coffeee. :)
Athena3476 June 6, 2015
Just one thing I really like the product. Always heard good things, so I tried it. The flavor is great if you love watermelon. Tastes better when blended frozen with compatible fruits & juices. The sugar substitute is too much for me & overpowers the flavor.
1shoppinurse May 9, 2015
Best Flavor, Clean Energy, Easy to Digest I have tried the Chocolate, Orange Dreamsicle and the Berry ORAC. I like the chocolate and orange better than berry ORAC. I like this watermelon flavor best, by far, though. It is so refreshing! It is a little sweet, and it tastes natural.It seems to help me digest and absorb the nutrients when I have GI issues. The energy it gives me is a calm energy, and it doesn't make me jittery. I plan to keep buying this flavor. Thank you for making something that is so good for you, and still tastes natural and refreshing, and not grainy or thick.

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