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Count them, if you dare: Amazing Grass Raw Reserve contains twenty five billion probiotics per serving. You could say it’s our ultimate combination of whole organic superfoods and cereal grasses.
  • NUTRITIOUS GREENS | From the Land & Sea
  • DIGESTION | 25 Billion Probiotics
  • WELLNESS | Supports Immune & Detoxification Functions*

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Customer Reviews

Dochawk2 May 24, 2017
One of the Best! Over the past 20 years in practice, I have seen hundreds of green products come my way. Some have been good, most are average. Amazing Grass is excellent. One of the few I would give such an endorsement. What's best is that I stumbled across it a Whole Foods and not at a convention, seminar, or sales person stopping by my office. I found this product organically and that fits its essence. So give it a try, see what you think! I highly recommend it.
Whole Food Hiker May 20, 2017
Raw Potent-ial This Raw Reserve stuff puts the Potent in Potential and goes along way in the backcountry. Like usually 8-12 miles a serving! Goes great with a handful of figs too and mixes smoother than anything else I've tried - especially for how potent it is.
JFROMCA July 28, 2016
THIS IS THE BEST!!! This product is so complete and amazing. I drink this everyday with a little bit or orange juice and it tastes great. I like that it has so many probiotics and greens - it truly does fill any nutritional gaps in my diet. Plus I like the convenience of being able to add a scoop of this to my juices or water and get so many benefits without having to buy all organic greens and prepare this. This product is a staple in my diet because it gives me energy and I know I am getting the best ingredients.
Elk_Colorado March 20, 2016
Best green supplement I have tried! I started taking the Raw Reserve Berry supplement to help with my lifelong stomach problems. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much energy this green powder gives me. I used to drink 3-4 cups of green tea a day and I still felt like I needed a nap mid afternoon. Now I no longer need caffeine to feel energized all day long. I add a tablespoon to my water every morning, a serving of the Superfood Greens with my breakfast, and then I take another serving of Raw reserve towards the end of the day. This product has made a big difference on my daily IBS symptoms because it helps me to be much more regular and I don't feel so bloated all the time. This product is on the pricey side, especially because I take it twice a day, but it is one of the few supplements I have taken where I actually notice a real health improvement. It also tastes great! I wish I could gift this product to all of my family and friends because it is that great!
Mermaid January 26, 2016
Good I purchased the berry flavored by mistake. The flavor is ok to good but, it has Stevia in it making it very sweet. I eat Raw Plant Based food with natural sweet base, like dates. I guess if you are trying to hide or mask the green flavour that some people do not care for. Myself I would rather have the green "land and sea" taste.

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information


Amazing Grass Berry Raw Reserve is a blend of AFA’s (blue green algae), spirulina, chlorella, and sea vegetables from the coast of Maine, like kelp and sea lettuce, combined with our nutrient-dense cereal grasses, which are packed with vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients, all of which assist the body in maintaining healthy organ function, detoxification and immunity. And with the addition of organic maca, burdock root, ginger, aloe vera, cayenne and like organic flax and chia seed, Berry Raw Reserve is a nutritious, vegan way to introduce free-radical fighting plants and herbs to your diet...and it tastes great!

Suggested Use
Mix one serving with 6 or more oz. of water, juice, or mixed into your favorite smoothie! Scoop, stir, smile! Amazing Grass is committed to improving our customer’s lives with our offering of premium organic whole food nutrition products as Mother Nature intended. If you have any questions, allergies or concerns; before consuming any of our products we recommend consulting your healthcare professional or a registered dietitian.
Customer Reviews

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