4 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

Americans are among the most stressed populations in the world A 2019 Gallup poll indicating that around 55% experience stress on a daily basis. 

Short Term Stress can cause everything from digestive upset to panic attacks.

Long Term Stress can lead to a host of physical and mental issues.

Yoga, Mindfulness & Tai Chi

Yoga & Tai Chi don’t just relax the mind & body; they actually ‘reverse’ the reactions that cause illness & depression over time.

Nature As A Healer

Spending just a few minutes in a natural area every day can reduce stress & long-term conditions.

Embracing An Active Lifestyle

Even moderate exercise can help you cope with anxiety stress for a period that extends beyond the immediate post-workout time frame.

Adopting A Plant-Based Diet

 Poor gut health often accompanies depression. It helps to consume a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.

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