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We're More Than Green SuperFood.
We’re a Community.
In 2002, when our founders, Todd and Brandon, began mixing green drinks for their friends and co-workers, they began tapping into a movement that rejects factory-based farming in favor of organic, sustainable practices whose goal is to leave the earth better than when we found it. What began in 1946 on Brandon’s family farm in Kansas has now become a network of small farmers across the country, all dedicated to growing the highest-quality organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Together, we’re helping people lead healthier, more active lives through organic, plant-based nutrition.

Our Process

Amazing Grass is from farms, not factories.

From our harvest…to you. Learn how we capture the power of leafy greens.

WHAT MAKES Amazing Grass

Honestly grown. Simply enjoyed.
Amazing Grass greens are USDA organic, Non GMO, kosher pareve, vegan and gluten free. Containing a plethora of vitamins, minerals, plant based protein and phyto-chemicals, leafy greens assist the body in maintaining healthy organ function, detoxification and immunity. We mix our greens into juices, smoothies, or anything we’re in the mood for. We’ve also created a host of grab-and-go products for the days when the world just can’t wait.

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Our Story

We’re Brandon and Todd. In 2002 we were friends and co-workers who shared a passion for the outdoors and an active, healthy lifestyle. Now we’re the founders of Amazing Grass.
Back then, Todd loved his coffee, Brandon consumed greens. Brandon had a plentiful supply of wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa, right from his family farm in Kansas. He convinced Todd to switch his morning coffee for a green drink of his own invention, and Todd’s energy level and better digestion made him a believer. Our green drinks became so popular with our co-workers, friends and family that we decided to ditch our day jobs and start Amazing Grass. Today, we’ve gone far beyond drinks, but our mission remains the same. We’re helping people lead healthier, more active lives through organic, plant-based nutrition.

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How Do I Use Amazing Grass?

Stir our Amazing Grass greens into juice or shakes, or toss a scoop into almost anything you love baking. Or when your schedule gets hectic, rely on 100% whole food nutrition blends like our Amazing Meal…or just grab an energy bar and go.

Who We Support

You're helping Amazing Grass make a difference
A portion of sales of Amazing Grass products go to support organizations dedicated to making a difference in local communities around the world.
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