Which Plant Protein Are You?

Your Plant Protein Guide

Not sure where to start when it comes to our proteins? Shop our plant protein-lover’s guide & stir up your new daily routine. Choose from our 4 protein favorites below based on your personal needs.


If You Want a “One-Stop-Shop” to All Things Nutrition

👉🏼 Use Organic Plant Protein Blend

💚 20g of Plant-Based Protein⁠
💚 7 Nutritional Greens⁠
💚 2 full servings of fruits & veggies
⁠💚 All-In-One Nutrition Shake⁠



Protein & KaleIf Your New Year’s Resolution is to “Eat More Greens”⁠

👉🏼 Use Protein & Kale

⁠🥬 20g of Plant-Based Protein⁠
⁠🥬 1 Full Cup of Dark Leafy Greens⁠
⁠🥬 Contains Kale, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa⁠
🥬 No Stevia⁠



If Good Hair and Skin Days Make You Happy⁠

👉🏼 Use Amazing Protein Glow

💅🏼 15g protein
💅🏼 Organic greens
💅🏼 B & C Vitamins
💅🏼 100% DV Biotin
💅🏼 Supports Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails



Amazing Protein DigestIf Gut Health Is At The Top of Your Mind⁠

👉🏼 Use Amazing Protein Digest

💩 15g protein⁠
💩 Prebiotic kiwi⁠⁠
💩 5 billion CFU probiotics
⁠💩 3g fiber⁠
💩 Manages Bloat and Supports Digestion⁠