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Ready, set...detox. It’s our Amazing Grass Green Food Blend, with added alkalizing and detoxifying ingredients to help restore your pH balance and rid your body of harmful toxins.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS | Support overall health and immunity*
  • DAILY DETOX | 12 cleansing ingredients to aid removal of toxins*
  • ALKALINITY | Supports healthy pH balance*
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Ready, set...detox. It’s our Amazing Grass Green Food Blend, with added alkalizing and detoxifying ingredients to help restore your pH balance and rid your body of harmful toxins.

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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information


Our Amazing Grass® Green Food Blend includes our proprietary combination of organic, non-GMO wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, and broccoli, plus a carefully-selected combination of herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables—including over 12 cleansing ingredients—to help restore your pH balance and rid your body of harmful toxins. Every serving is chock full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals you and your loved ones need to start—and finish—the day feeling healthy.

Suggested Use
Mix one serving with 8 or more oz. of water, juice, or mixed into your favorite smoothie! Scoop, stir, smile! Amazing Grass is committed to improving our customer’s lives with our offering of premium organic whole food nutrition products as Mother Nature intended. If you have any questions, allergies or concerns; before consuming any of our products we recommend consulting your healthcare professional or a registered dietitian.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

DKSERENITY September 5, 2017

Amazing Grass Comment: Our customers usually use between 1 and 3 serving per day. If 3 scoops is working for you feel free to continue using it like this!
Isabella August 25, 2017
Great stuff I recently started adding this to my morning took a while to get used to the taste, but with some tweeking and experimenting have grown to love it. It goes well in a smoothie with coconut water, banana, spinach and cucumber. My skin feels great, and it gives me energy throughout the day. Thanks for such a great product!
Julie August 16, 2017
Pretty good! I was interested in taking part in the Whole 30 nutrition plan. But to jump start that my husband and I thought a good detox might be best. We have eaten like complete crap the last 5 years or so.. Anyway, we found this green superfood blend and I was pretty hesitant this morning as I cut up a banana and poured my 8oz of water into my blender with my tiny scoop of superfood. I thought, "I'll just chug it because it's got to taste awful." I started to drink it quickly, but the adventurous side of me decided to slow down and taste it. It REALLY WASNT BAD! Anyway, I'm impressed, I even feel so much better already! Thank you for making a product that actually works and doesn't taste horrible.
A side question?? Would it be safe to drink the green superfood 3 times a day in place of a meal? For 10 days? Just wondering! Thanks!!

Amazing Grass Comment: Our products are intended to be used in addition to a healthy diet and we would suggest speaking with your doctor or nutritionist before using it in place of any meals.
Brianna August 12, 2017
Question on Product Is this okay to take more than once a day?

Amazing Grass Comment: Our customers usually take between 1and 3 serving of our products per day based on how many greens they are hoping to get in their diet. Feel free to take it multiple times per day!
Melissa5001 August 4, 2017
Amazing Benefits, Questionable Taste I do not eat enough veggies and I do not care to try to eat more than I already do. I scoured the internet for products containing greens & veggies. On every site I looked out, without exception Amazing Grass was the highest rated. I bought a container and gave it a try. After trying the Alkalize and Detox for the first time, I had to double check that it did not contain caffeine because I felt so energized. It has boosted my mood, and my energy. It has benefited in all the ways eating more veggies would benefit. It tastes like dirt covered mold laced with spinach if you just add it to water, if you add it in a fruit shake you wont even notice its there. I tend to add it to 3oz of water and down it like a shot. Signed up for the reoccurring delivery of the product immediately!
dnitra August 1, 2017
Love my greens! I've been enjoying Amazing Grass for many years now, part of my daily protein shake each morning! If I miss a day, boy does my body let me know! So thankful I found this terrific company! Five Stars at least!
Chockta July 10, 2017
Awesome !!!!!! I love this stuff !!! Have been taking it for 7 days now & it's great !!!!! I`visited lost 5lbs & feeling great !!!!! I blend it with 1/2 a fresh apple & water & a new ice cubs in my bullet & it taste great !!!
Melissa June 22, 2017
Healthy!!! I love the orange dreamscicle! I mix one packet with a banana, splash of orange juice, flax seed and ice cubes and blend in the nutribullet. Refreshing and healthy!
Amanda June 21, 2017
Love the green superfood! I usually take the original but switched to the alkalize and detox this month. I've taken it before bed a couple times and have trouble falling asleep, typically not an issue for me. I noticed there is green tea in the blend and was wondering the caffeine content? Thanks in advance! Still love the product, just taking it earlier today.

Amazing Grass comment: Thanks for your question. We have three products that contain caffeine: Green Superfood Energy Lemon Lime and Watermelon and Amazing Meal Café Mocha. All other Amazing Grass products are not be formulated to contain caffeine but may have traces from other ingredients. Trace amounts of caffeine will be below 5mg, if measurable at all. I hope this helps.
Steve June 19, 2017
Great Product, Feeling Very Good I'm a fat unhealthy 32 year old lawyer who eats mostly processed foods and sits all day every day. Added this to 16 oz of water and literally gagged halfway through it. Choked it down, and within 30 minutes, started feeling giddy, energized, and clear-headed. It's certainly worth bearing the foul taste.

Question: Can I use 4 oz of water so I can just take it as a shot? Why is 8 oz the minimum? Cheers!

Amazing Grass comment: Thanks for your question. Yes, you can mix a serving in 4oz of water. In fact, you can mix a serving in any amount of water. We recommend 8oz as that is the typical amount a customer will use.

David June 13, 2017
Excellent I must say, there are so many detox drinks on the market...but this is the only one where I could see and not just feel a difference! My skin is brighter, clearer and I have increased energy! Please make this in a bigger size!

Shel June 8, 2017
How long to take Can you take this detox an alkaline one every day for life or only a certain amount of time?

Amazing Grass comment: Thanks for taking the time to write in. Our alkalize & detox blend is gentle enough to take every day.
Christine June 6, 2017
Awesome I just purchased this product. I love the protein superfoods but how should I take the alkalize and detox? Can I mix it with my protein superfoods smoothie after my work out? Can I take it at night before I go to bed? What's the best way? Thanks :):):):)

Amazing Grass comment: Thanks for taking the time to review our alkalize & detox blend. Yes, you can mix the blend with our protein superfoods powders. You can take it after your work out or before bed whatever works best for you and your body. I hope this helps.
Kacy April 29, 2017
Loving it! I hurt daily (I take meloxicam and still hurt) but the other day I realized I had no pain that day and was trying to think what I did differently. The only thing I could think of was that I added Green Superfood Alkaline and Detox to my green smoothie. I mixed some up with water (not the best tasting) last night before I went to bed. When I got out of bed I had very little pain! I can't wait to see what this product is going to do for me! Thank you!
MCsMommy April 27, 2017
XLENT Superfood! All of products of Amazing Grass are that, AMAZING! And this product doesn't disappoint. I'm a huge fan of the classic wheatgrass powder and superfood bars. I decided to step up my morning smoothie by adding a scoop of the Alkalize & Detox powder. Today was my 3rd day of adding this wonderful product to my morning ritual. Wow-wee, maintained high energy all day. No afternoon crashes, my skin and hair feel fabulous. All around EXCELLENT! Thank you Amazing Grass, definitely a home run!
Big q April 4, 2017
Great Amazing even tho the taste is not that great the way I feel is many times a day should i drink it....thanks !!!

Amazing Grass comment: Most customers will take one serving of any of our powder products per day. If you eat other sources of fruit and vegetables, you likely will not need more than one serving of our blends per day.
Although we have some customers that will take up to 3 servings per day, based on their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and dietary needs.
Mermaid March 26, 2017
Finally \"grazing in the grass\" I started my 5-day detox and first had a hard time with the taste but I think I may not have used frozen strawberries. The pudding was hard to swallow. I continued with the other recipes and now I am putting this detox on calendar at least one week out of the month. I dropped 9lbs immediately and also started a cardio kick-boxing class using weights and just thought maybe I didn't use enough weight. I had no pain to follow so I upped the weights and I noticed I have more energy. I even started my spring cleaning and did not get tired. My husband asked me if I was back to my 'energizer bunny' mode since I feel great and don't feel sluggish anymore. I even keep up with walking the dogs daily. I am happy with my purchase, well worth it!!!
Tanya a March 6, 2017
Amazing x1000000! I've been taking this for about two weeks and my body feels awesome! The taste doesn't bother me at all, I actually kinda like it haha. Usually by the afternoon I'm falling asleep but not anymore! I also don't crave big meals, I just feel light and energized for sure :) So happy I came across amazing grass!!!
Terri February 28, 2017
EEEEWWWW! I purchased this a couple of days ago. Was really excited about the ingredients and the idea of being able to add this to my smoothie. Yuck! I have tried everything to try and at least minimize the taste. Even at 1/3 the suggested amount I can barely gag it down! About the only thing that has "some" and I mean "some" affect on the taste is to make your smoothie as cold as possible.. preferably shake consistency. I really want this to work but if I can't drink what's the point. Open for other suggestions if anyone has any.
Grass Addict! February 21, 2017
Works Well This blend is not for the weak! It is very "green and grassy" but I mix it with Coconut flavored La Croix and it definitely helps the taste factor.
Happy February 15, 2017
Great Product I measured out 1 scoop and ordered gelatin capsules and i put my powder in the capsules and take it that way, no bad taste and very easy :) this is my first week and i have had so much more energy, less fatigue and i sleep regular again at night. GREAT PRODUCT!!
MJ December 29, 2016
Works This is a very good product two weeks trying this plus healthy eating dropped my weight and blood pressure from 160/90 to 125/80 plus I feel great.
CalTex November 7, 2016
Committed for Life! I initially tried Green Superfood Alkalize and Detox to prep my body for conception. I wanted to rid my body toxins as best I could and to alkalize by body in the process (to aid in conception). I also figured that because I normally don't get the recommended daily amount of fruits and veggies, this Superfood product would cover that base for me as well.

Here are two results that I didn't expect in my two months of drinking this product daily:

- I now eliminate regularly (2x -3x daily)
- I no longer have painful, miserable menstrual cramps

These two benefits alone have convinced me to keep this product in my diet FOR LIFE! I tell anyone who will listen about this product. It is a must-have.
Daroadar September 1, 2016
Fantastic! This stuff is amazing!. I lift weights and workout a lot. This stuff keeps pain at bay. What I mean by keeps pain at bay is. I am not sore after workouts, ever. This detox stuff is for real! I even try to workout hard enough to be sore the next day. It just doesn't happen. I don't totally understand how this stuff detoxes my body. That being said I will NEVER stop using it, EVER. I LOVE IT!
Delaine July 10, 2016
Trying first time This is my first time trying this product I saw it on sale at Earth Fare in South Carolina I am okay with the taste as it should taste like greens and not sleep the only question that I have is how many times per day should I use one scoop will this also help with elimination and will it cause any excess or excessive elimination I will be back with my review after 4 weeks worth of use the price was definitely could being on sale plus having a coupon
John June 25, 2016
Healthy, Clean, Green! Forget what these people say about the taste. You don't detoxify your body for flavor. I like its earthy flavor, and the fact that it works! After using it for a couple weeks. I can feel a lot of positive changes! I'm more alert, I feel cleaner, etc!
DD June 11, 2016
Impressed! I bought 4 packets at Wholefoods 2 days ago to try it out. I wanted to start with a small quantity just in case I didn't like it. There were so many brands to choose from, so I choose this one because I'm looking to alkalize & detox. The taste doesn't bother me at all, in fact I love the taste of raw veggies because that's how I mostly eat my veggies. I see a noticeable difference in my energy level, my eyes and sinuses are more clear and I'm flushing. I really like this product which is rare for me because I'm skeptical of all health products! I'll be purchasing a jar very soon. Not sure about how much to consume per day though? Vey impressed!
Joy June 5, 2016
It's great! This product does have a funny taste, but the benefits outweigh all of that!
Jcoop May 17, 2016
Love it! We love the original flavor in our home. I make smoothies for everyone for breakfast, nearly every day, and I always put a scoop of the green food blend in them. My 3 year old is super picky when it comes to eating, and to help her get the nutrients she needs, I put a scoop in her apple juice. She loves it!

I love that I can get it at Costco for such a great price, too!
Water Queen April 25, 2016
Love, love Love it. I truly love this product. I was so sleepy all the time, so my friend introduce this to me. I was skeptical, so I bought a sample pack. By body needed a detox and I thought this would be a good start. Now I have so much energy. I do not feel sleepy at all. I feel like I am in my 20's again. This product is good. I tried it with plain room temperature water which I did not like. It's Chalky gritty but if you mix it with apple juice, different smoothies it is fabulous.
Sj April 21, 2016
Good stuff! Tastes much better than expected and exactly how it should taste. Excellent product. Don't change it please.
Mike April 19, 2016
High Quality You have to acquire a taste for these type of mixes. Just quit thinking about how bad it may taste and understand that the intake of this in to your body is highly beneficial. It will never taste like a Wendy's Frosty and be good for you.
Raji April 18, 2016
Absolutely loved it! I'm all for detoxing and wanted to find that perfect product for doing so. I went into gmc and this was the first thing I seen. I tried it for a couple of days and it is wonderful. I feel soooo much better.
Maury April 10, 2016
excellent detox I purchased this product after a searching for a protein power to help my system. I have pancreatitis and need to change my lifestyle. I love greens in my smoothies and this detox is great too. I mix fruits, 100% fruit juice, and amazing grass detox in my ninja. Love it!
MaeDay April 8, 2016
Taste better with warm/hot water The first couple times were a challenge mixing with water. I accidentally put hot water instead of cold when mixing and what a difference. It tasted like a soup broth. Yum!!!
Sara April 6, 2016
Great Product I feel energized and amazing, no more naps. Highly recommend
Vince April 4, 2016
Benefits over taste Lifts you up after only a few days of continued use.
Luann March 22, 2016
Great! A friend of mine gave me a jar because she didn't like the taste. I mixed it in my smoothie and think it's wonderful. I mix a scoop with a cup of unsweetened coconut milk, half a banana and a handful of blueberries. I think it helps to mix with sweeter fruits. Before the powder, I used kale in my smoothies and this is much less bitter tasting. I am already feeling better and more energetic. Look forward to my smoothie every morning. So even though my first jar was free from a friend. I think you now gained a customer.
LP March 21, 2016
Tough to Get Down, but TOTALLY Worth It I have been a fan of Amazing Grass for years. I began drinking the original Green Superfood, with no stevia extract, nor additional flavors. I have tried practically every flavor of Amazing Grass and recommend it to everyone! There are certain flavors that I enjoy more than others and the Lemon-Lime had been my flavor of choice for about two years. That is, until I discovered the Alkalize and Detox. It's flavor and smell are quite tough to take, but if you consider the benefits, they certainly outweigh the taste. I love the fact that there is no stevia extract, as although it is a natural sweetener, I find it to have the same aftertaste as Aspertame. It truly does leave you feeling more energized and "cleaner." Again, I recommend Amazing Grass to everyone, but would probably tell a novice user to try a different flavor and get used to the gritty texture of the product. I will be using this flavor from now on!
Christy March 1, 2016
Tastes like what greens should taste like I was happy to see my local health food store began carrying this product and had sample sizes. I tried it in a glass of plain water, fully expecting something horrible after reading most of these reviews. It tastes like what green powder should taste like! Nothing horrible about it. Actually, it barely has a flavor at all. Earthy, probably because that's where it comes from! Try it - you can always mix it with a little raw juice or squeeze a lemon in there :)
LLLuke February 24, 2016
Excellent Already very aware of the science of phytonutrients, I jumped right in for a real test and bought the product at a Costco demo. It tasted immediately like fresh, tender grass (yes, this is a favorite little snack while out on a nature walk) and I could immediately taste the quality. I'm also giving it to my son, and after just three servings this last week, he's woken for school energize and ready for the day just this morning. A BIG change, since he consistently drags grudgingly out of bed at 6:30am. He wondered why he felt so good!

I don't much care that this product doesn't taste like an apple fritter, because I'm interested in the overall value for my/our wellness and longevity. I've been on vitamins, supplements of all kinds, and thyroid and hormone therapy for the last 8 months, and I'm ready to shed all that and transition into pure, whole, nutrient dense foods for complete wellness. Additionally, after this week with 2 servings a day, I feel lighter, my clothes fit more comfortably, and I know I'll shed the pounds if I stick with this for the next several months to a year while I detox (high estrogen), balance, and strengthen so I can get out and exercise more.

Those of you who can't stand the taste - try the flavored mixes - but think of your overall health before throwing it away. It's one of the highest quality and most reasonably priced of all comparable products I have reviewed. Costco promo priced it at around $.50/serving last week, and others go as high as $2.25/serving (Garden of Life). Take advantage of the savings if you can! YOLO, people.

Also, thank you, Amazing Grass, for including broken cell wall Chlorella.
Patty February 21, 2016
Not bad at all The taste is not the greatest but it is tolerable. This is my second day. Hoping this really helps me feel better.
LP January 30, 2016
Does the job I've been using it for 2 weeks now, and notice a definite increase in energy. Not jittery or anything - simply a bit more sense of "get up and go".

As to the taste ... people, it's health food. It's not /supposed/ to taste like a brownie!

Just take it with an "okay, it's not yummy but it's good for me," attitude. The benefits are worth 15 seconds of 'ick' a day.

Personally, I don't find the taste too bad. It smells like moss and tastes like spinach. Not my favorite, but not horrible. I simply mix my scoop in 12 oz of water and gulp it down, then eat something else. (Possibly even a brownie.)

For me what takes the most getting used to is the texture ... it can leave a bit of a 'dusty' residue in the throat. But that's because it's powdered so fine - which makes it easier for the body to absorb, and also easier to mix into other things.

A hint: if you're mixing it in with smoothies or whatever, add just a bit of water first, and mix the powder into a paste. That will blend easier with your other ingredients.
JT25 January 24, 2016
Feel Like I was Tricked I bought this at Fairway Market because I was approached by a sampler employee who let me sample it. She said it was mixed with spicy lemonade. I tried it and it tasted okay, slightly chalky. I like all the ingredients and the fact that it has all natural, plant based ingredients. I'm a fitness instructor and eat healthy so I thought this was a perfect match. I've had the bars before and enjoyed them. However - this tastes awful! Forget just mixing it with water, looks and tastes like sludge. I've tried mixing it with my smoothie/protein shakes (like the woman said I could) but I can still taste the awful, chalky, powder. Now I'm stuck with 8.5 oz of this and I'm out the money too. I hope the company can somehow change the taste of this.
darren January 22, 2016
seems ok i just started using this product for the first time. I added it to my smoothie and make sure its mixed well. I don't taste any difference in my smoothie, so i'll go out and buy more and see how it works out.
for my smoothie, i use pineapple, banana, blueberries, almonds and pineapple juice. i dont taste any textural problems or earthy flavors.
mlc January 21, 2016
taste great with organic OJ I am finicky about taste, I was told it wasn't great tasting. I wanted this drink to replace me having to make my pinapple orange green smoothie in the morning. So I tried it. And I still use the orange juice and one scoop of the alkalize detox powder and it tastes unbelievably good. It will be my morning juice. Love it...but I won't try it with anything else but orange juice or refresh pineapple juice
Debby January 5, 2016
Great Product When I first tried it, I couldn't deal with the taste and texture. However, I found a great smoothie recipe and mix it with that and it is so much better!!! The recipe is:
1 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1 small banana
2 tsp. almond butter
1 scoop green superfood
1 cup ice cubes
Stevia to taste
Blend WELL and enjoy
jacque December 26, 2015
amazing I love this product! super amazing! i would recommend the product definitely works!!!
Horrible flavor December 6, 2015
Awful flavor I recently ordered this one after drinking other flavors for quite some time and this one is terrible I normally drink them with water and this one I have to almost plug my nose to desensitize my tastebuds while drinking or I will gag.

*The Alkalize and Detox blend does have a very earthy flavor to it. We recommend mixing it with apple juice or coconut water.
F3nway November 3, 2015
Can't get past the taste First off huge fan of all these products. I take the wheat grass every day. Came across the sample size of Alkalize Detox at Whole Foods. Why not try it. Mixed it how I mix my wheat grass in my chocolate cashew milk. Omg the smell, taste... ewww.. it wasn't an enjoyable drink. So instead of drinking my milk with my breakfast I had to drink it FAST.. I guess I will have to drink my 2nd one quick as well tomorrow but if I feel the extra energy then I can get past the taste...any suggestions on what to mix this with would be very helpfull.

Comment from Amazing Grass:
The Alkalize and Detox blend does have a very earthy flavor. We suggest mixing a serving with half apple juice and half water OR coconut water.
Alex September 16, 2015
Great Quality and Value This product works!
Great product and value!
Kris September 12, 2015
Can't live without this Amazing, truly. I am a different person with this product and notice even a day without it.
Jen August 26, 2015
Great product..if you can stomach t I'll start out by saying this definitely does not have a great taste or anything even remotely desirable to the palette. With that said, if you can get past that the product is awesome! I'm only 4 days in but have already noticed a huge jump in my energy and not it a jittery, you feel like your heart is going to pound out of your chest way, just an overall boost. I'm looking forward to seeing more results as I go on.
Haileybaby July 18, 2015
Great taste I love this product & it taste great in my smoothies without changing the flavor
Arthur Quizon July 8, 2015
It helps me lose weight and I feel light I have been using this product since June 1, 2015.
I have already lost about 7.5 pounds in 5 weeks since I started using it.
I feel light & good inside.
I highly recommend it to all my friends out there.
I hope this becomes available in the Philippines too so that my sick relatives & loved ones could use this amazing product.
pinkowl May 20, 2015
disgusting I had high hopes for this and thought by mixing in almond milk and frozen fruit that I could mask the flavor. I nearly gagged at the taste even with all of the other ingredients I mixed in. Would not buy again.
Deborah May 15, 2015
Excited! I received my order of Alkalize and Detox yesterday eve. I had a smoothie this morning and so far I have to say I didn't mind the taste. I was worried about that.
I will post again when I start feeling the benefits.
Katy May 2, 2015
Love it I really enjoy taking this. It helps with the elimination of stools. It makes me feel more healthy overall.

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